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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> i'm john heilemann. i'm mark halperin "with all due to donald trump there's no wall that can keep this out. mosquitoeswant around me. es.on't like mosquito john: lot to cover tonight. comey was grilled over theral hours by republicans. comey's recommendation, not to for theillary clinton way she handled classified information on her e-mail server. for more than four hours, he answered questions about the
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bureau's year long investigation. which republicans say helped -- clint -- clinton and lower standard. comey was cool and confident. no ground toally critics of his view of the case. of attacks main line was not the clinton should have been indicted, although they that quite a bit and frustrated by comey on that point. harped on was this. clinton was not entirely truthful in her past statements e-mails including under oath. the chairman of the committee, from utah, he was going to send her referral to investigate clinton's testimony which she gave under during the benghazi committee hearing. >> did you look at the clinton foundation? >> i'm not going to comment on the existence or nonexistence of
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investigations. foundationclinton tied into this investigation answer to mark: that was a mom shell. when -- that is one thing have really seized on. the other thing, they seized on is his question of clinton's truthfulness. do?, overall, how did comey how did the republicans do and what is the bottom line now for clinton? john: i will answer briefly. howy gave a master class in you go up to capitol hill and oversight committee hearing. he was calm, cool and confident and collected. authoritative. can doht republicans
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incredible job on such short notice. i thought the committee conducted themselves reasonably well. i don't think they advanced the ball very much politically. hillary clinton this concludes the week of indictment. this hearing was in the balance for her. not bad for her. she is very close to being this behind her. legal political matter. mark: i got one big negative to negative come and things to say about the republicans. let's take a look bit of look comey did. which was on balance. for hillary clinton's point of and own point of view very strong. >> i believe this investigation was conducted consistent with the highest traditions of the fbi. matterre two things that in a criminal investigation of a subject.
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what did the person do and when they did that thing, what were they thinking? we don't want to put people in jail unless we prove that we knew they were doing something do. shouldn't no reasonable prosecutor will on grossase focused negligence. should have known, muff must -- known, you have to doubt.eyond a reasonable mark: comey frustrated republicans. he did almost everything he could to help hillary clinton. it seems. lot of points that he said over aover when pressed, that he couldn't say what kind of pebble range from dismissal to reproach. a lot of stuff for republicans to work with. however, he's going around today, i want to be transparent. i need to be transparent. he did not take any questions reporters again today. he's not being totally straight
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things. for instance, the standard going out and talking about this case clinton about the foundation case, i don't get. the biggest criticism is the republican. a halfly had a day and to relationship. but the chairman chose not to that limitule everybody to five minutes block for questions. there wasn't a democrat on the in gettingnterested any fact. they were there to help hillary .linton which is pat of the course in washington. no republican with the exception or two, got any momentum on questions. a lot of them just wasted their five minute. hillary clinton, i think, won the day. a lot and soher the republicans who weren't ready. as bad as benghazi hearing. john: there are other important we'll talk about. one important thing, at least to my mind, was when comey said he wasn't going to recommend an
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indictment. he couldn't prove intent. lot of republicans said that's law.he standard under the the standard it could be gross negligence under the law. had strong responses to made good arguments why. witheared up some things respect to the markings the alleged classified markings on a number of e-mails. in a way that both clarifying for thetically helpful clinton campaign. on here to donald trump. meanwhile, republican a raretive nominee made appearance on capitol hill today. meeting behind closed doors with and senate republicans. reviews from rank and file house thatrs were mixed about first meeting in the morning. some like georgia congressman price, called trump's pitch
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trump's meeting with the senate republicans, came afterwards was somewhat less collegial. he called out some senator who to back his candidacy including arizona jeff flake. who urged trump to stop attacking mexicans. trumpes 24 hours after devoted to crooked hillary clinton and the rigged system. that's what he said yesterday morning. longnight, trump spent rallyhes of his rail -- of monthnati of topics ceo toe -- mosquitoes. can talk about my grandchildren. jack nicklaus, he's the greatest guy. a friend of mine. knight.
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ladies and gentlemen, president about hiso talk grandchildren. protesters. elove sadaam housto hussein ande sadaam hussein. to use his i refuse to call him sleepy eyes. i'm a professional. ivanka.e he wants bernie sanders for vice president. that's a new one. king.n newt gingrich will be involved with our government. don't readce you from a speech. thank you very much for being here. maybe i'll open it on november 7th. the day before the big day. boy, i love you. come up erik. boy. i love relatively thin. i don't want,
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mosquitoes around me. don't like month sees. john: that's night that speech got mixed rereaction from republicans. mixedtrump got rereactions om congressional republicans. orthis hour, last 12 hours so, 16 hours, trump helped or to unify thert party?can mark: it's extremely mixed. getting ted cruz and meeting and these republicans general rallying around the anti-clinton reality. he's having a good week so far. the outlier picking fights with republican senators. it's not helpful. he picked a good running convention andod has a good first debate. unity.ave all the
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at thef you look reporting coming out on capitol question ons no balance, he helped himself. the reaction of house members more positive than reaction some of the senate republicans. terms of the unity project, a good day for trump today on capitol hill. his performance last sowed however, just deeper doubts among republicans and probably some of the same congressmen and senators in the meetings today about his ability the basic work that any presidential candidate do.achusetts to which is to maintain some degree of message and talk about the things you should be talking about. that help you get closer to winning the election. lastd not do any of that night. he has not capitalized on clinton's moment of vulnerability. mark: they have more staff
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coming on board. seem clearly still flailing a bit or talking about it. matehe right running selection. the convention still coming together. promise the convention schedule. -- it.ave d all right, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and their unity continues to move along. they are in talk about the ansibility of holding endorsement event together next week in new hampshire on tuesday. same state where wasa and clinton unity held. he's doing all right so far. some success on his wish list. he's got education event today, sanders done an interview with al hunt, talked about some additional areas of possible consensus. >> what has to be in the
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realorm, we have made progress. i want to see very specific language about raising the wage to $15 an hour. i believe that in this country, hours aave worked 40 week, should not be living in portfolio. >> they call for it now in the platform. it has to go further. >> it has to be clear. we needf all, i think to make sure that the tpp, the transpacific partnership, which is a continuation of disastrous past,policies in the which have cost of millions of jobs. paying i think we should be very clear in saying that should not come the lame duck session. >> senator sanders, that would be a direct slap at barack obama who is the most popular figure and most popular democrat in the party now. you're opposed to it. i'm sorry, mr. president, you can't bring that up in a lame duck.
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we live the impression in a democratic society. mark: sanders full interview hunt.l you can see it tonight on lookse rose. john, it like hillary clinton is home stretch. she's going to get bernie support from where does she stand with the sanders backers now? john: i don't know the an to that question. obviously very loud and raucous sander supporters that you run out in the world and in seem to bea who really dead-enders on this question. i think she's done herself a lot of good. certainly with sanders himself. and of the policy proposals platform language will get her part of the way there. to howgoing to come down does that endorsement event, how does it go. do sanders say about her and not just that day and the endorsement.t mark: i think also, her running mate and convention choices will be a big deal as well.
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love people one the left could be persuaded by symbolism. if she picks someone further to .he left do they talk? including the clintons ands talk about issues that matter to sanders supporters. remindwhen it will sander supporters why a lot of them prefer hillary clinton over donald trump. why they need to rally if they don't like everything about her. john: up next, we'll talk about two police shootings. around thetest country. right after this.
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john: two more american citizens involved in fatal shooting of african-american men by white officers. raising yet again, the emotional debates that have vexed this tactics and police accountability and race in america. the first shooting happened tuesday night in baton rouge. videos show police pinning a 37-year-old man alton sterling to the ground and one of the thecers seems to pull out fire his gun. baton rouge police chief that sterling was armed at the time killed. justice department opened a civil rights investigation of that case. wednesday night, another video from suburb of st. paul, minnesota after getting a broken over from tail light. castill.old he told the officer that he had a firearm in the glove
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compartment. joining us now from princeton eddie glaude university professor of religion professor glaude good to have you. just give us a sense what are we to make of these two shootings and what are the implications of them. is incrediblys familiar thing we're going through once again. it confirms for us that we have a crisis and policing in this country. thanwe need to do more just talk about common sense policing. we need to talk about what's at of the shootings. it's a set of assumptions about who black people are and it how fears arend justifications for this kind of behavior. hard to talk about. it's very hard to wrap one's mind around this. what i've confirms been arguing and that is there's a value gap at the heart of
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society. that value gap is belief that white people matter more than others. and over againr in these sorts of instances. even the minnesota governor said, if there was a white couple in the suburbs of they would still alive.driver would be it's devastating. i'm really angry. emotionsg to manage my because it reflects in some way, of theis idea precariousness what means to be black in this country, that any time you walk out of your house, you don't know if that's going to be the last time you breathe your last breath. simply because you're black. princeton.ssor at mark: it's been emotional period for everybody. fromact that the video this morning just so heart breaking. let's focus for a moment on
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positive. what is a city or a state or anybody doing that you seen gives you hope best practices adopt?re that people can >> well, to be honest with you, mode yet. that i don't know examples come to mind. still thinking about alston sterling's son and him weeping. about diamond reynolds' daughter, 4-year-old daughter. saying mommy i'm here for you. finds the resources within herself to console her mother in the face of this tragedy. to reach fored examples out there policing. which we've address or s somees that illustrate police force addressed the fundamental racist assumptions
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of policing. i'm trying in some significant manage what it means to be a father, who's his son.bout it's something i think i need to say this to you guys and to your public. i don't think it's hard to like forhat it's african-americans -- whenever someone they love leaves the house, you have to be concerned they'll come back home. you have to be worried they will home.ack it's like living under a from any of terror direction at any time any moment. this in his sister's interview. experiencinghe's this. it's haunting public ritual. i don't have any examples to bring to you of good policing in this country. are.ure there come to my
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john: president obama posted on facebook saying, we need better community policing. is this something that -- is this problem something that's presidential leadership can solve? this got to be a bottom up solution if there's going to be a solution. >> it has to be all of us. from the top and the bottom. host of racial a habits that orient us in our day-to-day lives that inform our setto-day decisions that the concept of these decisions. i think the president can be bolder. even be more forceful. he hasn't for a variety of reasons. reasons that he may know and reasons that i may offer. collectively,d to to echo james baldwin. we need to collectively look at ugliness of who we are. honestly and front it. to ever makeg change in this country.
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that -- doubtful that we can do it. i'm hopeful. i'm trying to keep it together guys. with that.luck obviously we're all filing it. eddie glaude thank you for coming up. coming up, more from donald trump on capitol hill.
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mark: with us now regular pal, strategist.publican i'm wondering what you think of of 72 hours of comey's decision to nod recommend indicting hillary clinton. where that leads her and the leaves the race. not toously choosing indict is a win for hillary.
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the statement he made yesterday was chockful of material that in any conventional campaign would be severely problematic. severely damaging for hillary clinton. still think it could potentially be but far less so because trump has inserted himself into the last 48 hours is inexplicable to me. issue whether or not sadaam hussein is a good guy or bad guy. revisiting the jewish star controversy. look, if donald trump were not our nominee and hillary had the last couple of days like she nominee would be up ten points. nomineery were not the and another democrat the nominee will be up 15 points. we have two very fraud candidates. republicansfor the we're reminded of another missed
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opportunity. john: we have a short time before we go to break. having thisou this, house hearing today a good idea or not? whatok, i think that congress is trying to get into here are legitimate issues including whether or not hillary clinton lied before congress when he she testified in the past. thanks.n we'll talk more after this. you guy's be good. i'll see you later
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eliana johnson with a new story cruz expanding political operation. we were talking about the comey meeting. that it was aory good idea to have the hearing. executed?l paul ryan can say my guys did a job. >> i think the house republicans they needimate issues to address. the hearing is in principle a good idea. hearings tend to not work well politically. we've seen that in the past. the hearings are not the place the political point. if that's what they're trying to do. john: you think on political ground, a big failure? >> i don't think it's a failure. ball't think it moved forward. i don't think it helped hillary clinton. i don't think it helped case.ute the john: comey said on tuesday was damaging. status is it right now? yesterday about a
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bad whip count for donald trump optimism on the dump trump side. stand?things >> unlike the recruitment for the independent candidate, the free the delegate movement, is very organic. it's very grassroots. it's a little chaotic. but very dynamic. real.k it is i think it is far more real than credit.s have given it the press say, where is it now? it only got 400 delegates. goingore it's not anywhere what you have to imagine, on the convention, for trump.evved up i think there will be bad for the rncnumbers coming out. i think those four or 500 can grow quickly. mark: eliana johnson national review. with teds going on cruz. one is meeting with donald trump
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today. speak at the convention. it seems to be a little thaw there. your reporting on the ted cruz operation and the political side senate side. >> hi guys. well, suffice to say, i think a guy, ted cruz who will be for president essentially for the rest of his life. he's not going away. make of hisyou can agreement today with trump that he will speak at the convention. a wants to be a presence and player. he's trying to make calculation position himself for 2020 or 2024. would look towho inherit some of trump's supporters. them for a future run. also wants to keep his position as somebody who holds the line for principled conservative. who trump has completely alienated as well.
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cruz, news that we broke is expanding he his political universe. essentially, he started a nonprofit that essentially will for his a holding pin campaign. supporting his policy positions and so forth between now and whenever he runs for president again. whether it's in 2020 or 2024. switching out his chief of staff time capitol hill aide. is clearhe message there. john: in the fall, clearly some don't want donald trump to campaign with them. of the people who also ran this the or other big players in party like mitt romney who will be most in demand? >> i think george w. bush will be in demand a lot for senate ad house candidates for number of reasons. he's a draw to donors. romney will be out a lot. draw to activist. i would say those are two
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profile. they'll be money more in demand than donald trump. today thatt the news ted cruz will be speaking at the republican convention. at allis surprise you that he's speaking at the convention and not holding out this dumphat may be trump movement might be able to toate some space for him make makeshift there? >> i don't think they're clues.ily -- exclusive. it's dump trump movement that's successful at the convention. successful at the convention. their problem is, once the from freed, who's their candidate. ted cruz can surely have a convention.t at the if the delegates are freed, make to beingthat he's open the nominee. he said that he's not open to that. that he doesn't support the
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movement. at thews what can happen convention. john: dan, let me ask you this question. you're a good member of the tribe. you're a jewish person. thatdonald trump tweeted star, did you say, this is obviously anti-semitic tweet. think there's some arc it might -- argument it might be. >> i knew it was a anti-semitic tweet. up he actually consciously load this graphic or was this done for him and he doesn't know what's going on. once that story broke that, it came from that anti-semitic website. confirmedfortunately all my fears about trump and his organization. which is not that trump wakes up every thinking anti-semitic thoughts. reason to believe that anti-semitic. he's been resistant to say, emphatically this is unacceptable.
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horrifying.s if this were a democrat, republican leaders will be up in arms. it's a shame that it's happening to our nominee. more and more republican leaders speaking out. it.: not only he defended he said i regret taking it down. repetitiveike a question. unsteady. that he is at worse, it tells me that the in this stuffffic whether or not he personally believes it, that crowd, that constituency is important to him he wants to stand by them. who areiends of mine, jewish leaders, jewish republican leaders, who signed rnc committeerump and raising money. at what point do you start asking questions and
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unacceptable. mark: besides ted cruz, who else do you expect to be trying to build up support for 2020 in cleveland? >> the most interesting people to watch are going to be tom arkansas senator and ben sass the nebraska senator has taken very different positions on donald trump and considered the two rising stars will be really interesting to see how they navigate the mark: thank you both. coming up next, the clinton fallonn spokesman brian will talk about the hearing on hillary clinton and the fbi right after this.
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mark: joining us now from hillary clinton's brooklyn headquarters her national spokesperson, brian fallon who is going to be trying turn this into a victory lap. at the very end of the hearing when james comey was asked if was an investigation into the clinton foundation. he wouldn't answer. do you have any reason to believe that there is an ongoing investigation by the fbi and the into theepartment clinton foundation? >> i personally have no knowledge to that effect. as someone that used to work at the justice department, i can tell you that the normal practice is to not answer that question one way or the other regardless there was an investigation or not. no comment in that situation youn't really tell anything. john: brian, you had this your viewday, i know is that republicans did
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themselves no good today and for is probably a good day hillary clinton. hearing trey gowdy have director comey go through the places where he found in the investigation facts that he believes are at odds what he said. politicallynnot be devastating to hillary clinton? >> i thought that later on in under further questioning, the director contextualized those answers and actually brought into alignment lot of the we heard from him at his press conference earlier this week. compared to the statements that hillary clinton has been making all along. beliefrms that it's his that she set up this arrangement as a matter of convenience. disputed that there was any analogy to be drawn between her
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situation and david petraeus. even though he previously said, there appear to be some e-mails markings on them. those documents were improperly marked. might look at that document and not judge it to be classified. point, he fleshed out some of his points the other day. the contradictions between what he said at the press conversation and what hillary clinton has been saying, .ere actually squared john: brian, let me come back to some of the things that -- the of things that were contradictions, where there's committee found or what the fbi found and what secretary clinton has claimed far long time. all the e-mails were turned over. although classification markings, you're right, there was some clarification there. that dozens upon dozens what should have andsified were sent received by the secretary.
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with donaldeal trump and campaign ads featuring the director saying, she didn't tell the truth on repeated occasions? >> well, actually i think what is going to linger in the mind the voters isof the bottom line decision that the fbi reached. which was that there was no willful intent to commit any wrong doing. mattersthat's what here. i think that the discussion of this issue for the last several by thehas been animated an onhat there's been going justice department review. what unknown potential of that review. now that is taken off the table, i think a lot of this is reduced a partisan back and forth. i think that the hearing today actually blew up on the republicans. general if a couple of days ago, director comey put the emphasis on all of the areas he wished hillary clinton would have acted differently, i thought today because of the way the republicans conducted
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the hearing, he was in a to justify having and defend his position about not going forward with the case. we got a lot of positive information here that backed up a lot of what we've been saying. -- blew think they blue this opportunity. voters won't go for it. is bottom line is this case closed as far as the career officials. mark: let me ask you about one thing. that seems to be a discrepancy. your camp suggested that in order to make sure that it was completely complied with public records. hillary clinton had her lawyers her 60,000h all of e-mails devise them from personal government all the ones were turned comey said they didn't read them. header.d a the is comey right and did the campaign misrepresent how was?ete that search
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>> i think the search was pretty darn complete. in addition to looking at and doing keyword searches far wide range of read a largeid number of them. mark: the proof is in the pudding. themng a large number of is not the same as reading all of them. according to the fbi, they missed a lot. the record wasn't complete. >> i think what the director days ago and of affirmed today, there was no evidence that there was any effort to or willful conceal anything or hold back e-mails. it's not a matter of trying to conceal. mark: it's a matter of responsibility of public to leave behind complete record. do that when to she left the department. i don't think you're challenging account.tor's which is contrary to what you said. >> not challenging the director. acknowledged that it completely ass you represented previously? >> i wouldn't say that it was incomplete review. i think that it was a very searchve, exhaustive that consumed weeks on the part
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some of the lawyers. if you think what they ended upturning over, more than 55,000 had to be printed out. this is a very exacting process. thenot challenging director's comments. mark: they did a fine job and job.plete you. fallon, thank sorry we cut him off there. congressmano former anthony weiner. you can listen to us on the bloomberg 99.1 fm. we'll be right back.
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john: here with us now is anthony weiner former democratic congressman of new york. mark: what is your partner doing today? >> he had over the shoulder comey. the: he was watching hearing. >> the dude right him was winking to his girlfriend. than distracted. john: it shows that we're off to a good start. you watched the hearing. tell me what you thought about the hearing? >> the witness is pretty good at this stuff. a cool customer. think -- thisou has been long running headache for hillary clinton. how do you think she's feeling about things at this point? how she's know feeling.
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if you have a thousand people drilling into your e-mail practices here at bloomberg. have a personal bloomberg e-mail, they probably find ontances you made mistakes your g-mail. whatever it is. the problem with all of this congress, they're a bunch of phonies. we all do when we're in congress, we were all doing on unofficial accounts and personal activity on the government account have a notion about the standard. i don't think anyone is adhiring to them. government started getting hacked left and right. opm got hacked. there's a little bit way the republicans prosecute their job is to try to investigate the of everything. for the most part, the american people see that. furthering was affirmation something most knew. -- at notary of state
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point did the secretary of state want to learn what's going on with the servers. it's ridiculous frankly. years ago when democrats had the majority in house, henry waxman ran hearings that drove the news. they were carefully planned. the questions were you a sequenced up. today seems the republicans hearings, totally ad hoc. missing? >> not entirely. the bottom line about the republicans, i think they've always had kind of a little bit cultural detachment where the american people are. it's not where the american presidential voters is. obsessed with this stuff. this stuff -- benghazi is in in category. republicans overestimate the
5:52 pm
level of fervour that the american people have for people like hillary clinton. they want to know what's going to happen in their lives. that disconnect has been a gift for democrats. had a better sense where the american people are. these hearings -- when you're a car isting why blowing up or why a seat belt working, democrats understand that that's based in this idea of making people's and safer and protecting their kids. the republicans don't have that sensibility. they want to get to clinton so thinking.clouds their mark: where are you on the range. what's the best hillary clinton can dine the worst? >> i will eat heilemann shoes if blowout.t a you cannot be anti-semitic, xenophobic and
5:53 pm
get elected. people that did presidential elections are not the hard core or hard core republicans. they're the casual voter that looks up from their morning to figure outries who's going to protect my family, who's going to gradually better for me and my community. that's hillary clinton and not erratic jerk like donald trump. john: i appreciate that where you were about to use the profanity. i didn't have to bleep. you held back just enough. you went from one syllable to two. new me.s the john: tell me one thing that you as ae about donald trump candidate? he does that well? >> here's the thing, i think over rated as a candidate. he is like the thousand monkeys typewriterfront of and every once in a while they extension. he's not -- sentence.
5:54 pm
he's not that good. i very rarely see something that wow, he's pretty smart. he appeals to that mouth-breathing hunched over one-tooth person that is the primary voter for republicans. fine by me. this is good natural selection thing. john: don't dodge this question. give me two people who will be smart for hillary clinton to put the ticket? don't have -- i'm inclined to give you something that's out of the box. i don't really know. great -- i don't know. i've got the same assessment does.veryone else you don't want to jeopardize the senate. job.ay too busy for the i don't really have them. john: one name. >> i don't want to give you a name.
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kane. john: anthony weiner, we'll have you back soon. we'll be right back.
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mark: lots more on donald trump's day here in washington. bloomberg radio report on asia. former linebacker, executive patrick willis. that is on bloomberg west. thanks for watching. we'll be back tomorrow from scranton, pennsylvania. fun
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>> you're watching "bloomberg west." james comey today faced criticisms from republican. defended his decision not to charge hillary clinton for using
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a private e-mail server. >> the question i look at is, is there evidence that would reasonable doubt if somebody engaged in a conduct that violate a criminal statute. not.'s showed adecision double standard for powerful people. authorities in tennessee are declaring a state of emergency after heavy downpours caused flooding overnight. rescues andrforming high water over roads. in effect foris areas of middle tennessee. canada national insurance said wildfireom the alberta can cost nearly $3 billion. that the most expensive disaster history.untry's evacuationrced the -- 90,000 residents. by figure were realized cu


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